Wednesday, December 22, 2004

update.. update.. Holiday Greetings!

I know... I know.. it's been a while since I even touched my blog! Sorry la... it's been quite crazy the last couple of weeks. As you probably know from my last post, I went to Bangkok.. I went there for SIX whole days. Let's just say, since I came back, I still haven't even finished writing about Bangkok. And when I returned from Bangkok, I had only one day to pack and sort out my Singapore trip THE NEXT DAY!

I went to Singapore on Friday for the Singapore Marathon (which was on Sunday morning), another story which I hope I'll finish writing about soon, came back on Monday, and I worked every night consecutively until the following Sunday (ranging from replacement jobs to functions). At that time as well, I sent my PC to the technician for repairs (which also probably took more than a week, 'cos he sent his boys for the PIKOM PC Fair), so that's why I was like out of the Net scene for almost two over weeks. It was quite tiring, I tell ya, from Bangkok to Singapore, and then working for the whole week non-stop. Now I'm settling down a lil bit, and I'm compiling and writing out my Bangkok and Singapore stories. I'm just considering to put it on this blog or write a web page about it, cos the Bangkok story is gonna be a long one.. you'd probably get bored TRYING to read it halfway! Pictures included, of course!

In fact, a couple of things happened, even the last few days.

The teruk thing was, when I got my PC back, I tried to sync my PDA with my PC. Next thing I knew, ALL my data on my PDA was flushed out! I even lost my timing records for the Singapore Marathon Half that I did... FAK! Don't forget, I didn't sync my PDA since I left for Bangkok! Man, that really.. really sucked.

Some good things, my childhood friend Tan Kay Ti just returned from UK after 7 years of study, and he's just finished his PhD (congrats dawg!). However, the poor bloke is having to face a tough decision on working here or UK, and at the same time dealing with the fact that he's also having trouble with the visa for UK. Well, all the best, dude!

Some not-so-good but partially good things, I don't have a gig for Christmas OR New Years! Money-wise, that sucks. But on the other hand, maybe it's just one of those funny things that my stars arranged for me.. I've been working Christmas and New Years the last three years since I started working in the music business, so it's like a breaktime for me. I can spend those times with my family and friends! I'll be going to Singapore tomorrow for Christmas with my family, which I don't mind at all.

Oh well... anyway, to EVERYONE.. my earthly brothers and sisters... I want to wish y'all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It's one of the spiritual times of the year, and it's a good time to sit back, and reflect on yourself on the past year, and even the years before, and change thy bad habits and reinforce good ones. Make peace with anyone who you've wrong, and wronged you, as well! I say this even to myself! How can we have peace when we do not have peace in ourselves? So the best way to create peace, is to find it in yourselves, and then try to in others. If one person can do it, imagine the whole world? Think about it...

Happy Holidays!

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Poesy said...

This is a great entry.. You know I was in Singapore too when I found out about the tsunamis.. Reading this brings back memories..