Sunday, November 13, 2005



I can't believe my story on me being pickpocketed became such a hit!!

I really appreciate the consolations, etc... but I really have to say that it wasn't a race issue! Actually, I only wrote some of the stuff I wrote out of anger of things that HAPPENS in KL. And also it's perpetuated and made worse by some of the lacksadaisical attitude of public servants, and I dare say the typical Malaysian (I didn't say MALAYS)... the fact that the majority of public servants are Malays isn't the issue. However I can't deny that most of the Malay public servants seemed to have that kind of attitude, most would associate with what former PM Tun Mahathir identifies as "The Malay Dilemma".

But I don't think it's a racial issue.. it's an environmental (and not of the green variety, thank you!) issue. The typical Malay of the new generation (born post-1970s) are spoiled by their predecessors who are now in positions of power in the government. They are "overprotected" if you will, and we all know what happens to a person when we get overprotected. We don't have to look far.. just look at Proton.. and the quality of the cars it's been making the last 20 years! Not all Malays will be spoiled... some of them are aware of the situation in Malaysia, and they work hard not to fall into the trap. They are trapped in the situation where they're thinking has become such where, "oh, I don't have to work so hard lah.. why work so hard.. not much difference also.. i'm content on just working my share and then going home to eat and sleep". There's no room for self-improvement, or rather, one would find thinking about the future WAY too much trouble! All this manifests into whatever I or any other blokes, Malay or non-Malay, would've experienced, having encountered public servants.

My friends Azwar and Ajeep are definite part of the latter.. and a few of my Malay friends too! My current next-door neighbors too. Very hardworking, forward thinking people.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, not all public servants have that attitude, and I've certainly encountered them. But they're only a small handful. Those in the private sector would have more to worry about, to earn their keep. They're made to work hard and work well, so that they get promoted, or get more pay, or even a better reputation. This is the same for non-Malays.

Now.. the Chinese.. wow! That's another story. Our environment is such that, because we're not bumiputra, they are a lot of matters that non-bumiputras have to face, that pushes them to work hard and make sure they don't fall behind. However, after a long period of having being in that situation, we've become more materialistic, and have this "keeping up with the Joneses" attitude. Some may even be kiasu. We focus our lives into gathering of material, and making sure we have plenty for the future (which is not a bad thing), but to the point it has become the SOLE purpose for working! Like Boney M... it's MONEY, MONEY, MONEY... or Poetic Ammo... IT'S ABOUT DA MONEY...

... just look at the Singaporeans! But I think the Singaporeans have it worse... it's like.. it's almost a non-choice for them!

Azwar: BTW, Singapore has plenty of Malays... but I think, being the minority, they're actually in the same situation as us Chinese here in Malaysia!

The only difference between Malaysians and Singaporeans... the Chinese aren't "protected" by the government. Anyone who resides and works in Singapore are equal in terms of footing.. be it Chinese, Malay, Indian, or foreign ethniticity! Work hard, or eat nothing!

I'm ranting here.. I don't think TOO hard about this! Where I'm concerned, there are things I don't like about Malays, Chinese AND Indians in this countries. But most importantly, I definitely don't like some of the TYPICAL Malaysian attitudes, like the "tak apa" kind of bollocks. There's plenty of that around. And I'm also guilty for it, but only for certain situations where it's not appropriate.

But even most importantly... I appreciate the multi-ethniticity (am I spelling this wrong?) in our country. It makes our country one of the most liveable countries in the world! I like my Malay friends, my Indian friends, and certainly my Chinese friends.

So cut that crap about all this racial bullshit... it shouldn't even be there. There are no room for racists in Malaysia. If you are, you're probably no better than the Nazi's!

Like Russell Peters said.. we're all gonna be brown or beige.. so let's start "mixing" now!!! Any ladies wanna mix with me?


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