Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Where there's an end.. there's a beginning..

21 October 2006.. marks the end of what was a really good band, The Happy People Quintet.

That's the end for us.. at least for a long while. Many people asked me, "Why?". And my answer is as simple as this:
It's just time. You just know it's time to end, when already feel it's time to end. The feeling is as undeniable as a hunger pang. It's a pity, I know.. but it's all about moving on.. we are all moving on to other things. True to the Buddhist quote, "The only thing that is permanent is impermanence". It was good while it lasted, though. We all had a good time for most part, and we played some kick-a$$ music.

My only regret was that Justin couldn't be here with us to finish the show. So in fact, our real final show as a band was at Top Room in July when Justin was around.


The beginning..

This is also making way to my own new project band I've been wanting to start on for a while now. My only obstacle was to find a suitable pianist for the band, one who either knows the language and understands the music, or simply has the interest and desire to be part of it.. and I've finally found one.. by chance! But I have a strong feeling it was just simply affinity.

Two Thursdays ago, after a gig in Ritz Carlton with Sharizan, Martin calls me up to go to BK Jazz to their Thursday jam sessions to jam with the resident band, and although I never had much opportunity and the suitable time to go except for this moment, I decided to head there to meet him up. I got in there, sat with Martin, proceeded to talk to him a little until the piano player who was there to jam started playing. My head turned with surprise and disbelief, with what I heard. The cat was just playing crazy!! Let's just say, I hardly hear something like that around, except if you were to go to a place like the US or Australia.. and he has the language and the sensibility of a jazz cat!

After jamming with him a bit, I managed to get his contact, and the following preceded to book him for a couple of gigs. And after last night, when he came to TTR to jam, I'm even more convinced with what I heard.. it was simply amazing! This cat can really, really play!! He had just came back from West Virginia University in the US.. at least this is one cat who did something good with his education in the US.. can't say the same for some of the others who go to "prestigious" or "famous" schools, and still can't play shit when they return, and can still brag about it.

Well, I hope that this new band I'm doing will work well... I hope not to repeat some of my old mistakes in running a band! That's why I made them.. so I could learn from them. Everyone definitely seemed interested to be in it..

.. if you want to know more, do stay tuned! I'm looking forward to this one!

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