Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hello from Singapore..

I'm back here in the Lion City, for a couple of days. I came here on Monday for a gig with my sifu, Greg Lyons' Omniform Band, and we were playing at Blu Jaz Cafe, right in the heart of the city. It also provided and excellent opportunity to get out of KL town for a couple of days and chill out somewhere else (and play some good music!).

The band itself was a kick-ass band, comprises of keyboards, bass and drums with a large horn section - two trombones, two saxophones, one flute, and a trumpet. It's basically similar to Greg's (KL) Nonet band, but more punch, and that's no surprise - everyone in the group are good players! Because of that, the intensity and energy level of the Singaporean group is much more higher than that of KL. And that was really fun to play.. really challenges me to play! We played some new pieces on top of the older ones, but no less challenging at that. Since everyone in the group are good players, everyone had a chance to improvise at different songs, and it really made the band much more happening! Great night.. intense, and really fun to play. Hope I'll get the chance to play more with this band soon.

On a side note, I also had the opportunity to do a good long run at East Coast Park. A full two hours!! I think I ran for about 15k, plus minus a few hundred metres. Although I haven't wrote about it, but I'm training for the StanChart Singapore Marathon, which will take place next Sunday! So it means I'll be back here again! Woo hoo...

See you back in KL!

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