Wednesday, January 07, 2009

US Boycott?

I just read the news today about Malaysian Muslims boycotting US products to protest the US involvement in the Israel attacks on Gaza.

What's the point?

I mean, I don't disagree with the Malaysian Muslims' point of view on it. But I don't see how boycotting US products will help. For one thing, the rest of the country probably wouldn't follow suit. We're so hooked to all these US-based products in our daily lives.

Boycott Starbucks? Hah.. very unlikely.

Boycotting US products in Malaysia also would not probably make any difference in thought on American soil. Hell, most Americans don't even know where Malaysia is. I've even been asked, "Is Malaysia like a swamp area?". Shows you how ignorant they are. And the thing is, most US made products are locally made, too! Boycott Coca-Cola? Are you guys nuts? Coke in Malaysia is manufactured in Malaysia.. the brand is American.. but their products are made local for locals. So if you're boycotting them, you're only crippling our local industry. Correct me if I'm wrong. Do you think they'd actually import the drink from America?? If so, you won't be paying RM1.50 for a can of Coke (is that the going price now?). Even if you're successful in boycotting a particular US product, how much of that will cripple the business in the US, that comes from Malaysia.

Not much I gather. It'd probably be like an ant bite. Or a mozzie bite.

I think there are ways to get our opinions heard. Boycotting US goods is not one of them. You'd find you might be hurting our local businesses more than sending a message across (which probably won't reach, anyway!).

Get real, people! Look at the bigger picture!

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Wei Li said...

ya man thats the silliest thing