Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Malaysian road users..

... can be a real stupid lot (myself not excluded) sometimes.

Here I was walking back to my car in this small town road in Kajang, and there was traffic halt from stopping at the red light.. that's normal. Then I heard an ambulance siren going off like nobody's business.. and guess what?

No one's moving.

There's plenty of room to move aside for some of them, but do they move? NoooOOoooOo...

It only takes one person to move, and enable others to move as well. Civic-mindedness my butt. Oh wait, do they still teach that in school these days? Or don't they know what it is anymore? See, Education Minister.. having Moral Education is a waste of money and resources. And here you guys are squirming your heads around teaching subjects in English or Malay (I know.. no relation, since it's Science and Maths). Teaching something well is the main priority. Obviously the education system here fails in that respect. Sorry to say. Ok, this has no relation to this post, but who cares, right?

So yeah, back to road users. Imagine if one of your loved ones is the one who's in emergency, and you're not moving for the ambulance to move to pick him/her up. It's YOUR fault.. yes...

.... YOURS!

Don't wait for other people to move. If you can do it first, then do it, dammit. You might save a life, or two.


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