Monday, May 16, 2005

Sunway, Sunway, and more Sunway..

Just a little update on last weekend.

I know that look on your face... you're like trying to tell me... "why aren't you updating your blog as often like you used to?". Newsflash: Busy la... and trust me..that's a GOOD thing for me! Means I'm busy working... performing... and of course, earning some money! AHhaha..


Friday 13 May (FRIDAY DA 13th..muahAHHhAH!! *sccreecchhh*):

Did the Avanti's show with High Wired. It's a band led by Jordan Rivers (affectionately known as the George Benson of KL!). We played some fusion tunes as well as some jazz standards. The gig went alright.

Saturday 14 May:

Wanted to get up early to run at Lake Gardens.. but tak jadi... came back like 3am last night. My running has gotten way less and less the last couple of weeks. I didn't even train for the New Balance-Pacesetters 15km. I'm just wondering how I'm going to do it.

Went to Sunway again, this time at the Elephant Walk part of Sunway Lagoon. There was a Chivas Regal promotion, and they got Greg Lyons' band, the Biophonics to play it. So that was pretty fun. Lots of drunk chicks hanging around, and stuff. AHhahaa... it was a hot day to start with and a hot one to end with.

Sunday 15 May:

Wanted to run but also didn't get up early enough. Did nothing the whole day, and just pigged out in front of the TV. Oh well.

Looks like I'll just have to do the 15K nice and easy.

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