Saturday, January 28, 2006

CNY Special on Astro Prima: Penang Jazz Festival and Saharadja Special!

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For those who missed the Penang Jazz Festival last December, check out Astro Prima Channel 8 for an airing. It's not the whole show, but I think it'll give you a good idea what happened there. This is from EJ from

Our dear friend, Hakim Amir shares the following details about Astro Prima's Chinese New Year broadcast featuring highlights of the Penang Island Jazz Festival 2005.

Special thanks to him for responding to our queries in the midst of busyness!


29th Jan 2006 (Sunday)

9pm - 10pm - Penang Island Jazz Festival Highlights featuring selected performances by Shanon Shah, Sufiah Noor, Zailan Razak Project, Jaja (website), Lazy Monday, Farid Ali & Chie Hanawa (website), Greg Lyons Nonet (website), Saharadja (website), Steve White (website) & Randy Bernsen Group (website).

10pm - 11pm - Saharadja Special : From Bali to Penang featuring performances by Saharadja at the Penang island Jazz Festival plus exclusive interviews with the band members.

30th Jan 2006 (Monday)

Repeat of the above 2 from 12.00 noon all the way to 2pm


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Thanks EJ.

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