Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Busy like a bee...

M! The Opera

You'll have to excuse me, I won't be posting that often for the next several weeks. It's been a busy week... with M! The Opera and all... we're in for rehearsals and things, one in the morning and one in the evening, and maybe later in the week, afternoon and night rehearsals.

It's been busy enough, I couldn't catch up on my running (wierd phrase..). Not to mention the wacky weather.. rain and all. I was planning to run at Lake Gardens today, but I canned it and went into the boring air-conditioned slumber of the gym at Maxis building. Only did a 30-minute run and a 10-minute bike ride. Didn't even bother to take any stats down, I just wanted a workout. I didn't run since KLIM last week, only did a couple of swims here and there.

Rehearsals have been nothing but short of odd. Things aren't going very well as planned, so it's a little messy. Me, Ben and Chee Meng are just coasting along and making sure we aren't dragged into too much deep water. It's a little challenging, especially for me and Ben.. we're playing some fairly classically based stuff, and it's not really our area of expertise (not to say we're experts in jazz either!), so I'm learning to deal with things that I don't really deal with, from embouchure to note attacks, counting in funny meters.. a whole lot of classical technique as well. Chee Meng's helping us out a little in this area, so we're dealing, as best as we can.

GruvAvenue @ Avanti's

I'm subbing for Shazzy for this coming Friday Nite Jazz @ Avanti's, Sunway. It's bassist/composer's Vincent Ong's band, and we'll be doing a fair bit of original material from Vince, and also some crazy re-arrangements of some jazz standards, with some electronica and stuff! Should be a fun gig.. so do come over if you're free!

GruvAvenue is Vincent Ong (double bass/composer/bandleader), Charles Wong (drums), Clement (piano/keys), and guest saxophonist/flutist Julian Chan!

Venue: Avanti's Italian-American Restaurant, Sunway Hotel Resort
Date: 17 March 2006, Friday
Time: 9:30pm
Admission: Free (although drinks ain't cheap!)

Hope to see you guys there, or something!


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