Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Post-gig blues..


That was an intense week, I tell ya!

FIVE straight nights of rehearsals for the jazz fest gig.

The show went well.. it was unbelievably crowded. Probably the most crowded I've ever seen! Definitely fun. Sharizan's show was also a blast.. that fella has the stage energy of a race car! For some strange reason, he does bring a lot of energy to the band, and somehow makes the band kick it up a notch! An amazing entertainer, for one! The Funk Mob show was amazing too, I thought, although I could kick myself in the head for making so much mistakes! That one song we were doing, it took me so long to work it out, I still mucked up on stage.. hahaha.. damn! Oh well, for some strange reason, I knew it would happen.. not that I was subconsciously wishing it, but for tough songs like that, somehow it just does! Like a rite of fire if you will. After that, the song's in your fingers!

For those who came for the show, thanks! We hope you enjoyed it! Hope to see you at some of the other gigs (including mine, too! ;) )

By the way, I just wanna say THANKS to Edrian for the pictures you took with my camera.. lighting was a bit crazy wasn't it?

I was so konked out, I slept through most of Sunday.

Today, I still felt like I got hit by a truck.. had to go do a rehearsal for my KL Hardbop gig this afternoon with a heavy head.

Came back and slept some more. So much for trying to finish some work.. bahh..

I need a vacation.

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