Thursday, August 31, 2006

There and back again...

Yeah right!

LOL! Sorry for the lack of updates, people!! Been busy taking a break! LOL! Anyway, I was over at Port Dickson the last three days alone, with nothing but my horn, my Mac, my running gear, swimming gear, my keyboard, some DVDs, music books and some food.

I just got back home, and a couple of hours after this, I'm heading down to Singapore for about 2 days until Sunday. Just gonna go with David and Junji to Southbridge, and of course go and walk around on my own, shopping a little!

The last three days in PD had been quiet, other than my saxophone noise, and Merdeka Day just went past me. I had time to spend alone, and just practice, and workout a little bit. It's nice to be away from everything for a little while. I kinda miss it, didn't feel like it was enough. But alas, can't stay too long, gotta start work next week.

I'll be working on a couple of things again starting next week... some gigs with my quintet, and I'll also be involved with the Anugerah ERA thingy, backing Sean Ghazi in a big band.

Oh by the way, if you didn't know already, I got invited to do a radio interview with Jazz Selecta on TraxxFM 90.3 on Tuesday. It was quite fun, was a little nervous for a while, but I think I got used to it.. maybe I could be a radio announcer? AHahha.. yeah right.. not likely. They were playing some free jazz that night.. Albert Ayler, Ornette Coleman.. heavy stuff!

Okay, that's all for today.. I gotta get some sleep, we're heading out to Singapore around 4am!


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