Sunday, December 24, 2006

Last minute shopping.. TOEFL scores..

I managed to do my last minute shopping today, believe it or not! Braved the jam and the crowds, etc...

In fact, this was possible because I had to come back from Batu Pahat early this morning, I reached home at about 3.30am, as I drove back after the Chinese musical thing we did. Of course, I didn't manage to wake up until about 12.30pm, and I was still bummed out. Anyway, I managed to drag myself to KLCC where I met up with Greg to get something from him and pass him his Christmas present (which with the help of Eddie, we managed to get). And of course, last minute Christmas shopping. I don't usually get into the habit of buying presents on an annual basis, but this year, I just feel so compelled to get present for people I hold dear. For those who know me well enough, when I get into something bad.. I really get into it bad!! And I'm feeling super-licious happy with it. Never mind the fact I busted out my Christmas gaji (even before getting it by the way.. hahah), but I feel damn glad about it. I guess I'm really feeling all Christmas-ey this year. You guys feelin' it?

Anyway, just a few minutes ago of writing this, I just checked the TOEFL website for my scores, I managed to get 105/120... which is probably not too bad, although I hoped I could've done better with an ACTUAL preparation for it! Better start watching more American TV, then? Ahah... but anyway, the evaluation for the Reading, Listening and Writing section was what I expected I should get. The Speaking section, however, really sucked (although that is expected too, from the way I did it during the test). I don't know what it was, but I really couldn't speak properly during the exam. Maybe I was a little pressured, given only 20 seconds to prepare an answer and 60 seconds to reply, and I'm talking to an inanimate object. I don't really agree with this particular format actually.... too impersonal for me. Give me a real human anyday. At least I know I'm not fast enough with words to deceive and cheat people.. or manipulate them! Aahah..

Okay. Off to bed...

Christmas eve is just 'round the corner!

Good night!

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