Friday, December 15, 2006

Update: New Look and functions!

I've just spent the last couple of hours (... I know.. time wasting!) updating the appearance of my blog! No biggie yet.. I'm not TOO crazy about making my blog look like a super hi-tech site! As long you can read what I'm writing, then it's good enough. I'm making up for lost internet-time!

I've even changed the Upcoming Performances to Google Calendar format. Basically, you just click on the link of the show you want to find out more about, and it'll direct you to more information on my upcoming gigs! Fancy that..? LOL!

This Blogger Beta is pretty fancy, actually.. some functions are actually pretty cool, although there are few things I prefer to just manually configure using HTML code.

I've also managed to sort out the Beta comments function with Haloscan comments function too. I'll continue using both until Blogger Beta sorts out an agreement with Haloscan. So feel free to pick your comment box!

One problem after updating the template was that almost ALL my links from my old template disappeared. And I'll have to manually use the Beta widget functions to add them back. But I can't add little comments on the links without having to include them as links, as compared to the older template. But it sort of looks cleaner that way I suppose. Maybe I'll find a way around it.

Enjoy my new site anyway!


pikey said...

cool.. the layout clean n nice...

Julee said...

Ah, i dig this new layout! :D