Sunday, April 22, 2007


... that was what Friday night was...

... the band came together really well last night... and we played hard! Really hard!

... the crowd was great!!! It was almost so surreal.. a real jazz crowd... they were listening, and they were appreciative (even if they're not sure how to react to David's original tunes)... not like them poseurs that frequent a nearby restaurant about 5 kilometers away who knows bollocks about music and the people who make them.

... there was BIG crowd too!! My fingers crossed for the Room to really open up and have more people coming in for some good music, and good jazz bands playin'!!

... even with some "boo-boos" (and a disgruntled mate), but overall the band was kickin' butt...

... Mike Vee was there... Jeremy Monteiro was there (and even jammed two songs.. crazy!).. just WOW! Such a pleasure and an experience to jam with Jeremy for the second time. Wonder if I'll ever get to do anything on a more serious level with him, it would be something I will look forward to at some point!!

... it's one of those rare moments... you play your butt off like there's no tomorrow... the presence of awesome musicians on stage... and awesome music..

... I was flat out when I got home. Another satisfied customer.

... I hope we will be ready by 11th May!

MIRI, here we come!

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