Friday, April 13, 2007

Me on Silky Girl Ad..

No... I'm not *IN* the ad. I recorded for the ad.. I played soprano and tenor sax on this one. I'm kinda proud of this one... I could get a clarinet-ish sound on soprano rather than the oboe-ish Kenny G tone! Ahahha.. yay!!

Thanks to Jinx for this baby!

PS: Don't even bother looking at the vid, unless you're a Sharifah fan.. I am.. but MAH-WEE spoils everything. Listen to the music! Eheheh..


1 comment:

Wandernut said...

Nice! :)
Jinx is cool. Worked on some TVC jobs with him before at AddAudio.

Where's Josie these days anyway?
Haven't seen him around for quite a while.