Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Pictures That Are Miri..

Hi all,

Here are some pictures of Miri that Eddie and myself took in Miri, for the Miri Jazz Festival.

(l-r) me at the airport just arriving; Beautiful beach scene from my room

(l-r) Horny horns in deep discussion, David at the stage pre-setup

(l-r) Check out our t-shirt theme!!; The band in action!

(l-r) My sifu and best friend, Thomas Theseira; Lluis Coloma Septet

(l-r) Dirty Dozen Brass Band funkin' it up; Beautiful sunset at da beach (Courtesy of Eddie)

(l-r) Orak Naa Naa from Morocco; George Washingmachine (?!)

(l-r) Habana Sax-ing it up!; DG6tet with Jun Lin and Kevin from Dirty Dozen

For more photos, click here!


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