Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Swing on Friday, Burn on Saturday!

Hey all!

I'm still recovering from Miri... but it doesn't stop there, does it? A lot of ya probably weren't able to make it to Miri, but that doesn't mean you can't get good jazz in good ol' metropolitan KL, right? They're loads of weekend gigs happening, but I'm only gonna mention two, of which I'm playing! Eh hem, I obviously gotta sell myself, mah... it's my blog, so deal! AHahah.. for real updates on jazz gigs happening around KL (and Penang), then check out for more listings.

But over here in my domain, it's all about me, ME, ME! LOL... just kidding!

Jokes aside.. I'm playing two different flavors this weekend: Lots of swing, bop, and vocal jazz on Friday at the Top Room, and chili hot(!) latin jazz on Saturday!

Without further ado..


Swing your way down to the Top Room this Friday and Saturday for a taste of the Gomes'es and a rather large dose of swing, bop, and all that jazz (pun intended!). The aftertaste of the Miri Jazz Festival aftermath is still there, so I'm quite sure you'll get a little taste of it. Meet the band members, with David Gomes on piano/vocals, Junji Delfino on vocals, Vincent Ong on double bass, and Jonathan on drums, with Julian Chan on saxophones on the Friday instalment.

Venue: The Top Room @ Top Hat Restaurant. 7 Jalan Kia Peng, KL
Date and Time: 25 and 26 May 2007 (Friday and Saturday), 10:30pm onwards Admission: RM20 nett (free crackers and nuts all night) For reservations call: 03-21428611

* * * * *


Get ready for some hot latin-jazz with Eric Li's Jazz Latino Quintet for a one-night-only show at Bangkok Jazz @ Chulan Square. Burning up on stage will be Eric Li on piano, John Thomas on drums, Fly on electric bass, and the horney-horns, Julian Chan on saxophone and Eddie Wen on trumpet.

Venue: Bangkok Jazz Thai Bistro
Date and Time: 26 May 2007, Saturday, 10pm onwards
Admission: Free
For reservations call: 03-21458708

Hope to see you there at least ONE of the gigs!! And don't forget to say hi to the band, we ain't gonna eat you!


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Junji Delfino said...

how can you refer to us as nuts man?!? keropok is free flowing. nuts don't come so cheap! lol.