Saturday, August 04, 2007

Toppings!: The Experimental Quartet

Hey all,

Just got back after a crazy night at the town... well, just at the Top Room actually! Some really crazy music happening just now, and tonight as well! If you're in for a taste of the real stuff in music, come down tonight to watch us... we've got some really crazy stuff to play!

The Experimental Quartet is Justin Lim on piano, Fung Chern Hwei on violin, Julian Chan on saxophones, and Eddie Wen on trumpet/flugelhorns. Wierd set-up... crazy musicians... out-of-the box ideas... lots of fun music (including a remake of TWO classic tunes into one... if you wanna find out what it is, you just have to come down to the Room to check it out!).

Toppings!: The Experimental Quartet

We start at 10.30pm, with cover charge RM20nett (with free crackers and free parking).

See ya.


Read all about the gig at Chern Hwei's blog!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you could get another saxophonist to join you. I once saw a female jazz saxophonist in Penang who was the youngest and only girl in the band. She was superb! I reckon she's still around in Penang.

Violinuts said...

Who? Maggie Chooi ah? :P

Julian Chan said...


"It's... It's not funny!"

Violinuts said...

*blink*...*blink blink*...*blink blink blink*

Anonymous said...

Who's Maggie Chooi? Anyways I think her name was sounding something like Deb or JayDee (pronounciation wise)

Julian Chan said...


It was meant to be a bit of a bad joke.. but it's alright.

Well, about your suggestion, I don't think getting another saxophonist in this particular instance would be of use to us.

The four of us are quite close friends, for a start, and have played together intermittently. So we have quite a bit of chemistry, musically and personally. Having a complete stranger to join the band can be a little counterproductive to what we do.

But thanks for the suggestions..

Violinuts said...

yeah...we have to be able to fuck around on the stage and be cool about it...only close friends can do that...

Shoehorn said...

Maggie chooi? it's.... it's so funny!