Tuesday, January 22, 2008

1st week in NYC.. cont'd

Day 2 - 01/18 (Friday)

Got up late, as expected. Was still a little jet-lagged, so stayed home for most part. Managed to get a prepaid number from T-Mobile..well, SORT of prepaid. The plan is something like postpaid but without contract, comes with a monthly contract. At night we went out a while, shopped at JCPenney at Queens Plaza, I managed to get a nice windbreaker jacket for running, and went to the Village area. Stood in front of renown jazz club Blue Note. Didn't go in of course, WAY too expensive. McCoy Tyner was playing that night. Met up with Rozhan and some of his former Berklee buddies, and went for some drinks around Upper East Side (a.k.a Alphabet City.. for it's alphabetically named streets). Hung out a short while and headed back to crash some more.

Day 3 - 01/19 (Saturday)

Another real lazy day for me. Walked around Jackson Heights area, from 89 to 82 St, and managed to open a Citibank bank account with the phone account record. Bank officer was a nice Pinoy lady who helped me and was a good person to have a conversation with, too. After that, I just went home and crashed, for a couple of hours... still jet-lagged. Hung out for a while, then went to sleep again for the night.

Day 5 - 01/20 (Sunday)

Went out for an early morning run just around the area. It wasn't easy running in the cold. Ran for about slightly over half an hour. Didn't run for 2 weeks, so I was trying to take it easy as well. But I felt good after that. It was nice to run again, and was quite an experience running in the cold below 0℃, not easy especially with the windchill.

Had some sandwich for breakfast, and was watching a bit of Stargate on my laptop. Managed to practice my horn a little bit as well! Later on in the afternoon, had to help Chern Hwei finish up some of his work with some classical charts, and was due for delivery on the same day. Rushed to Grand Central Station to take a Metro North train to New Rochelle NY, a nice suburb.

Then we hung out back at the house, had some wine, then crashed.


Did laundry.

Went out to town on my own - my first subway trip alone - to try to catch this Piano Marathon performance, in conjunction with the reopening of this performance hall called, Merkin Hall at the Kaufman Arts Center. I wanted to catch Vijay Iyer play, but couldn't. Too many people queuing up, and probably didn't have enough seats either. Had coffee with one of CH's friends, then went alone to Roberto's Woodwinds shop. Oh man.. I've never seen so many horns lined up for display in my life!!! Can't wait to try some of them later.

Now here I am, not freezing my balls out there now...


simmie said...

Hey, just found out that you're here in the States. Welcome!!! Bet you must be loving the weather!

Julian Chan said...

Yeah.. lovin' the weather like crazy... ahhaahaha... if i can feel my feet! AHahaha..

How're things on your side?

simmie said...

it was just -30 here the other day and it just warmed up to 30 today....haahahhaha

btw, forgot to ask you which school you're attending

Jason TAN said...

cool, jules

nothing compared to OZ ah

Julian Chan said...

Jason: NYC is a whole more happening than OZ for sure! Especially when you're talking about the music scene..

Got pros and cons lah.. haha.. already seen some cons already. But what to do.. haha..

Jason TAN said...

wat is the pro??

I want to be in NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!