Wednesday, January 16, 2008

D-Day.. to NYC!

Today's the day!

I'm leaving for New York in a couple of hours. I'm a lot of things at once right now - excited, sad, exhausted, energetic, contemplative, among other things. But one thing just sticks in my head...

YES!!!! I'm finally going!!


Anyway, had a nice farewell dinner with my friends and colleagues in the musicians' circle last night, but I did not expect such a big turnout... THREE big tables!! Wow.. thanks to all of you guys for coming last night, it was a great night for me. I really appreciate your presence and your kindness! You guys are the BESTEST!!


Well, after today, it might be a while before I'll start posting again. But I reckon I'll have more time to post, with pictures! Once I've settled down a bit, I'll be updating this blog again.

Till then, wish me luck!!

See you soon!

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