Monday, February 07, 2005


Let me introduce to you two of our most faithful Japanese music fans: Izumi and Shiho.

Justin and Izumi
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Me and Shiho
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They were there during the early years of my coming out into the music scene, especially when I started playing at No Black Tie. They were there when we were Black Machine... they were there when I was with Groove Unction... they were always there when we were playing Greg Lyons' Biophonics or the Nonet... and they were there when Happy People Quintet was formed.. and now, they're going back to Japan... possibly for good.

To Izumi and Shiho: On behalf of Happy People... and all da jazz artists in K.L... thanks for your support and friendship... we hope to see you again. Do come back to KL for your holidays.. and I hope we get to go to Japan to see you all too!!

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