Tuesday, February 08, 2005

KLCC 8-lapper update..

Went to KLCC for a run today with my friend Kay Ti. Wasn't sure if it was gonna be an easy training run or what. We stumbled on to Ronnie a.k.a PM1 and Azwar a.k.a PM3 as well. Wah, saw them run (especially Azwar, who I've NEVER seen train before), I felt very motivated la. But I've also decided to try out an 8-lapper (or 10.4km), easy run.

So we started out nice and easy, not running too fast, too soon. And we slowly increased our pace after the first couple of rounds. I was careful that I don't pace out too fast. But my friend Kay Ti wanted to try out running at a faster pace after hydrating and basically fell out after the 6th round, and I continued mine. So here are my timings:

Total time - 1:19:24
Distance - 10.4km (8 x 1.3km)
Average pace (min/km) - 7:38/km
Average pace per lap - 9:56

Lap 1: 9.55
Lap 2: 9.35
Lap 3: 9.24
Lap 4: 9.45
Lap 5: 10.51
Lap 6: 9.57
Lap 7: 10.06
Lap 8: 9.48

This means it's a slightly better PR than my previous KLCC 8-lapper, which was 1:21:59. Cool...


Went shopping earlier before my run, only managed to buy 2 nice shirts, one red long sleeve, and one beige short sleeve, both from Soda (at Isetan). Very nice shirts, in terms of cut. To describe it, it is SLIGHTLY body-fitting. Something I'm proud to wear now that I actually CAN wear one! Thanks to my running for that. Last time I wouldn't even dream of wearing one of those. Yay...

1 day to Chinese New Year...

.. I haven't finished my shopping yet. Shopping round 2 later in the day.. and need to cut my hair, too! Haven't even finished cleaning up my house yet.. jia lat...

... I'm really not ready to "sambut" CNY this time around...

... how ah?

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