Thursday, February 03, 2005

Rain... rain...

Monday, 31 Jan: I planned to run in KL with some friends from Kajang. All nicely packed and all, I left to KL with my kajang mate, Jeya, to pick up another Kajang mate, Kay Ti, who was working at KL Plaza. The moment I got to KL, the skies started to darken... and at exactly 6pm, it rained cats and dogs! Cursing, I was. So we decided to hang at KLCC, just in case the rain would subside... and subside it did not... until 7pm! It rained from 6 - 7pm EXACTLY! Ohhh.. the irony of nature.

Later that night, my Kajang mates and I decided to take an overnight trip up Genting Highlands. Booked a room and stayed overnight. We checked out the place, and the casino as well. Brought a couple of drinks, but I stayed off, wasn't feeling up to alcohol.

Tuesday, 1 Feb: Came back down to Kajang by 12-something in the afternoon. Finished up some music arrangements for a function I was going to do with my band, backing Sean Ghazi and Izlyn Ramli. Went to the studio in ss21 for the rehearsal and then went for a run at Lake Gardens after that, at around 6:30pm. Boy it was sure a good run... especially after not running for exactly one week! I think I covered about 8km in about 1 hour 3 minutes. Luckily, I met a friend of my brother's.. a former classmate. So we ran together and chat most of the way. Basically it was an easy, relaxed run. Felt really, really good after that.

Managed to check out Greg's quartet at Sugar Club that night, too.

Today: Went to Sheraton Imperial for our gig with Sean Ghazi and Izlyn Ramli. We were to perform for the Nokia Communicator 9300 launch and exhibition.


Some stuff:

... missed Sting... buggah.. I was told it was ORGASMIC!! Damn..

... going to miss Harry Connick Jr.'s show at the Petronas Phil... shit! Tickets waaaayy too expensive. I could've bought it.. but with my new horn and all... a bit over-budget la....

... February isn't too busy for me. Hope I can train a little more intensively this time around for the KLIM. More long runs...

... was told that the New Balance 766 running shoe is out! It's an upgrade from my 765, hopefully better. It might be in my next shoe buy list.

... Chinese New Year is around the corner. I don't know why, but I'm not looking forward too much to it. I just don't... I don't feel prepared for it. We haven't even packed our house yet! Oh well... I'm going shopping with my mum later today... maybe some new clothes would perk me up (and pick up some nice running gear along the way? Ahaha..).


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