Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I'm crazy, sometimes.. that's what people say.

After my gig with Farid and Sheila De Niro on Saturday night, I only managed to get home and go to bed by 3am! And I'm scheduled to wake up in 3 hours, 'cos I've already arranged with the Pipot.com gang that we're doing a mini duathlon (bike 40km, run 6km) at Putrajaya at 7.30am!

I only managed to get up when Ajeep SMS-ed me, and that was around 7.30am. Ohhh mannn.. talk about trying to drag my fat a$$ off bed! Wierd enough, I think I was dreaming about the mini duathlon while I was asleep. So after I woke up, I replied Ajeep, initially thinking of skipping the training. But then I couldn't really sleep already, so I then replied and said that I was gonna head over. But after several minutes of non-reply, I think they would've already started.

So I got up, freshened and packed my bike stuff and my shoes, etc. Had two slices of bread and peanut butter, filled water, and then hastily left the house for Putrajaya. It was also supposed to be a pot luck thing after the race, but I didn't have time to prepare, so I brought some kacang and bought 100Plus along the way to Putrajaya.

I was right, they have already left and started out. Anyhow, not wanting to back out, I just set up my bike and everything and just cycled and HOPED I could somehow manage to catch up with them. The route takes me from the Precinct 1 Info Centre to Taman Warisan and then out to Precinct 2 to the Putrajaya Int' Convention Centre (PICC). I rode around the PICC and back into the long stretch of road that is the heart of Precinct 2. Believe it or not, I actually managed to catch up with the rest of the Pipot gang!! But alas, it was their SECOND round already! So I decided on not going the second 20km round, and just cut straight to the run once we get back to our cars.

Those present in the Pipot gang were of course, Pipot-PowerBar-Zebralini-man himself - Azwar, Ajeep (who organized the whole event), Tank (with his new second hand Sora gear shifters), Faie (newcomer to multisport events like me), Zailan, and Bacin.

It took me about 55 minutes to ride 20km. We got off our bikes back at the Info Centre, mounted our bikes up the car, wore our running shoes, posed a few pictures, nature's call, and then off we ran to the Precinct 1 loop (which is about 3km per loop). Since I skipped one round of the bike, I told myself I will run both 3km loops. Some of the other fellas only did one round, I think the 40k did them in, but it's good enough an excuse. Damn malu, man, if I were to do only one 3km round! Anyway, the 6km run took me about 48 minutes. Not very fast, but I didn't run for almost a week (bike even longer!), so I just took it easy. Didn't wanna end up killing myself here.

Did you guys read about the kid who was biking heading to Sg. Buloh who died while riding? Apparently he was doing some other intense workouts before the night bike ride, and I think his heart couldn't take it. Poor fella. But it definitely serves as a warning sign to us amateur athletes, to be careful about training and not overdo it.

I'm psyched about KLIM next week. I wouldn't say I trained that great for the 21K, so I think I'll just enjoy the race, like I've said before.

Any of you guys doin' it? See ya there!

By the way, you can see loads of pics at the Pipot website, check it out!

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