Thursday, February 09, 2006

Sick shmick..

It all started out last week, the night before my gig with my sifu Greg Lyons at Alexis, with his Pocket Band. Started out with a nice little sore throat, and then that slight lethargic feeling that takes over your body when you know you're coming down with something. Might have affected my playing last weekend (not to mention the lack of practice!).

So here I am, with a nice little sore throat, my lungs clogged with phlegm and coughing my way to kingdom come. Doesn't help that on top of that, the weather's burning hot all day. So I've been home a lot the last couple of weeks, and not even training. And I get tired a little faster than usual. I hope it'll pass soon enough.

Highlight of the day: Took my dog out with me for a 30-minute run around my area. Oh did I mention, my taman is around a hill area, and the whole area where my place is is situated on slopes. So it's quite undulating. Man, I thought KLCC park was bad... but, there could be good in this. Got some slight hill training, maybe.

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