Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I'm back!

Hey everyone,

I'm back from Shenzhen from the Jonathan Lee Concert Tour. The trip was short, and there wasn't that much time to really go around over there. The show itself went quite well, even though Jonathan was still recovering from a fever (he had to go under a drip at the hospital for day, I heard). Here's a concise report about it.


May 19 Friday
- flew to Hong Kong, then got driven to Shenzhen. Stayed in Bauhinia Hotel (one of the sponsors for the show), went to eat at a nearby 24 hour eatery (had stuff like soy bean drink, vege noodle, yow char kwai or yu tiao), then after that went for a massage at the hotel massage parlour (decent one, mind you!) until 6am! Slept!

May 20 Saturday
- woke up in the afternoon, ate at the 24 hour eatery, and got to the venue (an indoor stadium) and did our soundcheck. The soundcheck was awful, the sound people looked like they didn't know what they were doing. And it was hot. Got back at night, and we (me, Chow Ming and Eddie) went out with a Malaysian friend who was working there to a seafood restaurant. A lot of people, and service sucked big time. My food took so long to make (we had reminded the waitresses almost 20 times), I waited almost two hours, and I got fed up, I cancelled my order right away. Our Chinese friend (our Malaysian friend's colleague) got so fed up she scolded and gave a good verbal beating to the waitresses. We left, and we headed back to the 24 hour place to eat again.

May 21 Sunday - Concert Day!
- woke up just in time in the afternoon to go the venue to run thru some stuff again. Jonathan was only available today, as he was at the hospital under saline drip from a fever. The sound mix had improved just a little bit, but not as good as the Taiwan show. The sound engineer that was supposed to do the show with us was at Shanghai doing Emil Chau's show.
- show itself went well.. had Sylvia Chang, Jeff Chang, Fish Leung, and Emil Chau's surprise entrance (flown in from Shanghai on the day itself, no rehearsals). Audience loved it.
- went back to the hotel, had the post-show party. Went to massage again.. until about 5.30am. Got back to the room to pack, and slept.

May 22 Monday
- woke up just in time again to go downstairs to leave. Got driven to HK airport, and we flew back home.


On some other notes..

I've actually opened up my own MSN Space.. another blog!! But this one will be more focused on my professional work. So there'll be gig updates, photos.. etc. It's sort of my own online newsletter and blog if you will have it. I'll put up some sound samples, and maybe videos, of some of the performances that I'm doing. So check it out:

Julian Chan - saxophonist MSN Space @

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