Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Some happenings!

Here's a little side note on some stuff that happened last week, on which my incorrigible sense of tardiness has made me blog about it rather late! So here it is..


Well, what can be said about it? Everyday is Mother's Day! But the Powers That Be decided to make one special day (so they can cash in on a variety of things) for Moms every year in May. But anyway, I wanna wish my Mom Happy Mothers' Day (although she probably won't be reading this anyway), and also ALL the Mom's in the world as well. Without you (and Dad, of course .. that's why we have Father's Day too.. duh!), there's no us!

Thanks (to eternity!).


That's Queens College at City University of New York. I passed a CD to them, and they've accepted me. Now I just have to send an application for the Jazz Performance Masters program. It's just one way for me to go to US and to NY where the "scene" is! I can't wait to go..

I don't know what will happen to me, or what my future is, but I definitely stand to learn a lot of stuff there. It ain't gonna be no happy and lavish life, it's gonna be some serious hard work. But without it, there ain't no life.


Congratulations to Jeff and Chin Fong for their marriage! Maybe some of us KKFC fellas still have hope after all! Haha..

Thanks for having us as part of your life, and your marriage as well. We are truly happy for you.

The marriage reception dinner was at Fortuna Palace in Kajang Prima. It was like a high school reunion as well, for a lot of us, as I got to meet some of my old high school friends which I haven't seen for (gasp!) ELEVEN years!! Has it been that long? Damn.. I'm sure feeling old, man!

It was nice to see some of them again, man.

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