Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Well, whatdya know...

...I'm 28 already.. since Saturday! But I keep telling people I'm still 25! I still am, for most part (heh heh!)... although I think there are parts of me that feel more like 35...or older (and thankfully, it's not physical!).

This time I didn't celebrate it working, thankfully. However, I didn't get to spend it my family though, but the people I did spend it with, I would consider as an extended family (even musically!!). I had a great time in Singapore, albeit a short one, and was jamming with some of those cats in Jazz @ Southbridge and celebrating my extra year of life. Even my favorite fan (and friend) in Singapore, "Bebop Bishop" A.X Almeida arranged a cake for me.

Well, I sorta enjoyed my two weeks of a semi-vacation. I especially enjoyed my 3 day anti-urban vacation in Port Dickson early last week (although I threw myself back in mega-urban Singapore last weekend), and it was a great time for me to chill and enjoy being just away from everything. I had the pool all to myself, and I even managed to put in a few runs. Practicing was also something I managed to do. I do have to say, I didn't go on this vacation without my lovely and black Macbook!! Oh shut up.. I said I wanted to spend some time away from urban life.. not from technology! LOL!

I was re-reading Wynton Marsalis' Notes To A Young Musician and again, it was quite a read for me! I totally recommend it to any jazz musician who's thinking about being serious about their careers!

Singapore was fun as well, I managed to get some saxophone accessories, as well as some CDs, and a book. CD-hunting was a bit disappointing actually, Borders in Singapore is starting to slack a bit, even the Gramaphone shop in Capitol Plaza (Jazz DVDs dwindled in numbers from two shelves to one!). Managed to get Thelonius Monk Quartet featuring John Coltrane: Live at the Five Spot Discovery! and Wynton's The Majesty of The Blues (which features a riveting sermon called Premature Autopsies). I also managed to come out with a book I've been looking for, for a long time, Kenny Werner's Effortless Mastery, a book which he's written for musicians about how to be a master in your music and your instrument (and even life, maybe). Gonna read about it soon... should be an interesting read!

Okay, on a serious note:

I'm 28 already... and for that I'm thankful to God, and my family for being there for me! I only hope I can just grow more and more as a person who is useful and be able to do things which are really meaningful, not just for myself, but to the service of Mother Nature and mankind. I thank the people who have been there with me and sharing their knowledge of the music and life to just a little (but not so little) twat like me. I hope I can do you proud! So if I ever do something I shouldn't do, do kick my ass bad...smack me back into reality!

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