Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bad karma

These few days have been quite un-happening for me. I don't believe in bad luck, but that was what it seemed to have happened.. but I would look at it as just bad karma. And it just decided to hit back on me these coupla days.

Last Saturday, on the way to Bukit Jalil for the ERA awards, I nicked somebody's rear bumper. It was raining rather heavily in Kajang, and I was nearby a toll booth, when this bloke in a white Satria made a rather sudden hit on the brakes. I stepped on the brakes hard, but the car kept moving forward, and bam! I hit the fella's behind. I could feel that the car skidded on what I think was a concrete ground.

We examined the damage, and luckily it was fairly minimal, his bumper just got slightly dislodged. *sigh* The settling was amicable, at least.

The second incident was last night..

I went out running at one of my usual running routes near my old house at Sg. Kantan. I parked next to a house. As this house was a corner lot, the spot I parked had lots of trees, but sparsely spaced. Anyway, I went out to run, and I got back to the car at about 8.15pm, it was already dark. So as I was reversing my car, I looked over behind with all my rear view mirrors, and even turned my head back. It looked clear, and as I thought to myself, "I hope there's no tree behind me.. I thought there was one there" then BAM!!! there was a tree right there!

This time around the damage was much worse, the left side of the boot as well as the bumper was dented in. I can't even open my boot.


Just my frickin' luck...

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