Friday, September 22, 2006

Last week..

Hey all,

Here's another apology (among many others) for the lack of updates. Well, that's how it is, I guess, once you get busy with work, blogging does take a backstep!!

Anyway, thanks for all the notes of concern for what happened to me the last week or so. I got my car back late last week. Now there's a brown patch at the trunk, and those cheap plastic pins that keep those cheap plastic coverings in the boot interior are starting to come off, which means I have to spend some more money replacing them (courtesy of Proton.. makers of GREAT QUALITY cars... unbeatable by any car available in the market!!). Anyway, like I mentioned before, lucky it's just my car, and even so, it wasn't intensely serious. Thankfully it's not my life, y'know?

The last week had been busy prepping for Noryn's show at Alexis, as well as prepping for my show this week at Top Room. Also did a gig with the KL Hardbop Band in a totally unexpected place.. WAIKIKI'S, at Kelab Syabas, in PJ State. Although normally known for its more Top 40 duos, trios, and small little pop/rock bands... they actually managed to host us to play for a charity night there. The gig itself was plenty of fun, with David Gomes, me, Eddie, Vincent, and Gary Gideon on drums (now that guy was just ripping it out!!). Although I think most of the patrons had no idea to what we were doing, I think they sorta enjoyed the music anyway. Hopefully we'll get to play there again soon!

Noryn's gig was also quite good! We did a lot of her original material from her upcoming album. She had, as her band line up, me on sax, Fariz on bass, John Thomas on drums, Tok Khon on piano, and Aji on guitars. Check out zeroimpact's short review on the show. First night was better though, more energy.. second night, I sort of fizzled out. Could be just tired, I don't know. I think I need a longer vacation still.. hehehe...

Sunday, I did the Terry Fox run with KT, and that was a funny one, really. The race started pretty late, there were still a lot of people coming in past flag-off time, so the actual flag-off was a half hour later than scheduled. Yasmin Yusuff was emcee-ing. Funny thing about the flag-off was, the run started, even though the pre-flag off activities was finished... like the speech and the warm up sessions, etc!! So before we realized it, everyone started running already! So we were undecided to wait, or to just go on running! Anyway, I met up a few Pacesetters who were just from the Mizuno Wave Run (had to skip that due to the gig the previous night), as well as some other friends like Hakim, Sim, and Jamie. Well, halfway through the race coming back to where the start/finish line was, I think someone knocked down the directions sign, so we weren't sure where the route was headed next... so we decided to just call it a day, as I also wasn't feeling that up to it.. lack of sleep, and generally tired. After hanging around a bit, I saw the Aseana Percussion Unit fellas setting up on stage, getting ready to play! I went to greet them and went off to the car park to take a shower. We thought we could catch the rest of the performance, but when we got back they had just finished their last song. After that, we went to Raju's at Jln Gasing, PJ for a nice Indian brunch!

At home, I slept briefly for about an hour, before getting ready to head to Top Room for the jam session. I was to run the jam session for that day. Funny thing, though.. must be a real off day for everybody. Everyone's probably decided to take a break from going out that day. So, the band and I just sat around talking, jammed a couple of tunes and had some fun doing so, and called it a night. I had already started developing a bad cold. After meeting up another friend to collect something of mine, I headed home and just took two tables of Decolgen and konked off... for 11 hours!!!

Well.. more about this week, later!!

By the way, my quartet is playing this weekend at the Top Room, featuring Ida Mariana on vocals.. come check it out!!

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