Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I JUST POSTED MY APPLICATION FORMS TO QUEENS COLLEGE VIA FEDEX (as of time of writing!). (here's to all of you fellas bambu-ing me about when I'm gonna go over there..)

Okayyyy.. now that I've settled down a little bit...

Now, I'll just have to wait for their reply once they get my application and process it. I hope it would not be too troublesome, my application submission date is actually past due. But from what CH told me, they'll still take me in anyway... I pray that is so!

Oh man... the wheels are turnin' and we're gonna start burnin'..


Wandernut said...

Hey, all the best Julian! :)
And what exactly will you be doing at Queens?

april said...

hey, good luck!

Violinuts said...

Julian will be filming for the sequel of Ugly Betty in Queens while playing in the subway as sidejob. I'll be standing by and take my cut of the money by the way.