Thursday, June 14, 2007


Hey all.. here's a gig update..

Boplicity is playing the Top Room again this weekend!  So do come by and check it out!

*trust Junji to come up with something interesting to write on the Top Room blog each time!!  Thanks Junji! ;)*

What caption would you create for this photo of Julian Chan?

A contest? That means got prize also right? What prize? Umm... how about a chance to blow on Julian's horn ... err ... using your own mouthpiece, of course. Aiyak! Somehow that didn't come out right. Ok, forget that one... how about free keropok all night at Top Room? [Eh, dey, Jazzmamak! ... keropok IS free at Top Room lah].

Erm... oookay... how about... a free photo op with the band for posting on The Top Room site and Julian Chan's site and Boplicity's site?? Ha! I think I'm well connected enough even to be able to swing a copy autographed by the five band members just for you! How about that?

But that would mean that you have to be at Top Room this Friday and Saturday when Boplicity swings along. And that would also mean that you would have to actually send your caption in before Thursday, 14th June, so that our panel of judges [that is... I, me & myself :)] can go through the entries and pick the most inventive/creative caption of all! And should it be a tight contest, rest assured that the one that reduces Julian Chan to peals of unstoppable laughter will be declared the winner.

So don't forget... Boplicity is back at The Top Room this Friday & Saturday. First set starts at 10:30 p.m. Cover charge is RM20nett. Ring 03-21428611 for reservations.

See you at The Top!


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