Monday, June 18, 2007

To my brother Justin Lim!

Welcome back home...!!

And a very Happy Birthday!!

I look forward to playing with you again, soon!!


adeline soo said...

Hello Julian, May I know when and where will be your next performance? I watched your performance at bangkok and i think a beautiful jazz performance must include saxaphone as well! so i m looking forward for your next show..

Julian Chan said...

Hi Adeline!

THanks for your comment..

Do check the blog as I always update my gig calendar in the Google Calendar I placed on the right hand corner of the blog. I've included details there as well.

I've never played in Bangkok I'm afraid, are you sure it was me you saw in Bangkok?

Thanks.. see you at some gigs.

adelinesoo said...

erm sorry, it should be bangkok jazz, not Bangkok :P sorry!

ok i will keep chekcking for your coming events!

superchowyunfatt said...

Thanks bro - looking forward to play with you too

Anonymous said...

hey.. this is someone random.. my name is JUSTIN LIM.. OMG hahah sry.. just had to say it