Thursday, June 07, 2007

no pon.. no pon...

Can you believe it?

I left my phone at home the whole of yesterday!

I went out early in the afternoon, meeting up with Eddie and some friends to watch Shrek 3 at 1 Utama. Halfway out at the highway, I wanted to check my phone, and I realized then that I totally forgot to bring it with me. Talk about split second dilemma of deciding whether to go back and take my phone and be late for the movie (or not go at all), or just forgetting about the phone and just go without for the whole day. In the end, I just decided on the latter... although I know I have to suffer some kind of consequences.

Shrek 3 was a nice watch.. but I kinda preferred the first one though. It was funny, but the storyline was a so-so for me. Then again it wasn't funny enough to really get me super-cackled up (my friends ALL know what THAT'S like..). Now.. just have to find the chance to watch Pirates....

About the phone, what was funny was that I haven't had to use a public payphone for AGES... it was a really long time ago that I last used one. I had to call Eddie at the 1U payphone to tell him I arrived and I'll be meeting him at the cineplex. After the movie, of course, it was nice not having to deal with calls and sms-es, while I was window shopping around there. Later I met up with KT (had to call him using Eddie's phone) at Lake Gardens to do a run with him. It was a nice 8.5km run, in preparation for Penang Bridge Run, of which I've registered to do the 22.3km run. Wooo hooo.. can't wait for that.

After the run, and a rojak dinner, I was waiting for John and gang to start rehearsals at Ricky's studio. I was there since 9pm and at 9.3opm there wasn't anyone. I thought I might have gone to the wrong studio. That resulted in a half hour drive to search for a blardy payphone to call anyone about what's happening with the rehearsals. Can you believe how hard is it to find a public payphone in town these days?? I mean, I used to remember them lying all around town, even though one out of four actually works. What a real pain.

Eventually, I managed to find a phone somewhere in Damansara (the first two I found near the studio couldn't work... how farkin' typical!!), I called my friend/keyboardist Eric, who told me the rehearsal was postponed to about 10.30pm. And we finally began rehearsals at 12.15 because the studio owner double-booked the studio again!! Not the first time by the way. The previous band was booked until 12am.

Went home a zombie at quarter to 5am.

That's my day without a phone.

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