Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Long run.. Subang and.. THE INCREDIBLES!!!!

Man, this movie is ABSO-FRICKIN-LUTELY INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like we've got an animation winner on our hands! I just went to watch this movie yesterday (Sunday) at Mid Valley. All I can say is... go watch it... it's probably the best animation movie, or best MOVIE I've seen all year. Whoever wrote this story is just so amazing!

In short, it starts off with the protagonist Mr. Incredible and soon-to-be wife Elastigirl getting married (but not before doing some super-hero duties), and next thing you know, he gets sued for the damages (as a result of his pre-marriage-ceremony super hero duties). The town authorities orders the entire super hero community to stop doing what they do best, and they all ended up living among regular folk, as their secret identities. 15 years later, Mr. Incredible springs back into action as a result of a secret mission, from a very unsuspecting employer. For more details, go watch that movie! I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Anyone going to see it, if you need company, let me know.. cos I don't mind watching it a second time! AHahhaa...

The Incredibles website
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Anyway, I went for my 20k long run from Bukit Aman - Sri Hartamas yesterday morning, as part of my training plan. This will be my longest run in preparation for the Singapore Marathon. Subsequent weeks' long run will be 15k and 10k. I clocked 2 hrs 21 minutes for this long run. Some logs for this run:

1. The last time I did a 20k long training run (one week before Desaru), I couldn't finish my run. My legs and body felt like bricks 3/4 way back to Bkt Aman. But this time around, I could finish my run. Although I didn't run ALL the way (I took several one minute walk breaks, and of course, the pit stop at the Petronas station Sri Hartamas), but I did not experience the "brick legs". I think I can give credit for this to Chi Running, for sure. One of the focuses of doing Chi Running is that your lower leg (from the knee all the way down) must be totally relaxed, and loose. In fact, the main focus is that you do not use the lower leg muscles at all! So most of the muscle used are from the larger muscle groups. How to do that? You pick up your feet when you run (just imagine that you've got imaginary rods on the ankles of your feet, and you'd have to pick up your feet to avoid tripping on the rods). So when you pick up your feet, the larger muscle group used is coming more from your abdominals and quads (read: thighs). So after the run, the only muscle soreness from exercise are mostly centered around my quads.

2. Chocolate milk is awesome for muscle recovery. I got this off a triathlon website recently. Here's the deal: When you exercise, your body is using up glycogen (from carbo) as a source of energy, and of course, protein. But it is also constantly resynthesizes them. So immediately after a workout, you have to refuel your body with carbs and protein. But what food would have both a good balance of carbs and protein for a post-workout recovery: CHOCOLATE MILK! Probably cheaper than a Protein Bar, actually. And it tastes great! Carbs are from the chocolate, and protein from the milk.

Well, 19 days to Singapore Marathon and counting....

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