Monday, January 31, 2005

Weekend adventures...

I haven't ran since Tuesday... feel pretty bad already. Can't help it la.. busy kau kau. I so wanna run. Wanted to wake up this morning to run also cannot... I came back at 5am last night! I gotta start training. Got only one month left till KL Int'l Marathon. I'm still thinking if I wanna do the half or 10km. Anyway..

Wed 26 Jan:

Woke up super early to go to KLIA, took a flight to Langkawi. I played a show with Ning Baizura, for an MAS function. It was a jazz kinda show.. or so I thought. The flight we took was full house... I realised that I was in the same plane with a bunch of team riders who were taking part in the Le Tour De Langkawi!! I was sitting next to the team manager for the Panaria riders. Cool... now I really feel like getting a bike.

Got to Langkawi, we checked into our hotel... the Four Seasons Hotel Resort! It's a 6-star resort hotel, and it was still unopened. They set it up just for us to stay, because of the MAS function. I was told, that the room that we stayed it, the Melaluca Suite was USD$410 a night! Whewww!!! Talk about burning a hole in your wallet! But the place was really nice! And the staff were really, really courteous and friendly! So... un-Malaysian... which in this case, it's great! They seem so happy to do their job.. amazing. The rooms were really beautiful, too, with two sliding glass doors on two sides... computer switch control consoles (for the lights, air-con, etc)... an open air shower/spa... separate toilet and bath (with both hand shower and overhead showers!).. and separate sink and dressing mirrors. The resort stretched pretty far, so we had to move around the areas on buggies.

We did our soundcheck/rehearsal at about 2.30pm in the afternoon, and my... it sure was hot and sunny. And it stayed that way until we finished at around 5 something. Then we went to Tanjung Rhu beach to eat lunch/tea. Went back to our rooms, slept until 9 something. We got ready to play, and we actually waited until 11.30pm to perform. Once we finished we went back to our rooms and just slept... the rooms were so niicceeee!!! Woke up next day and flew back home.

Thursday 27 Jan:

It was pretty busy, I went to teach, and then had a rehearsal with my band until 4am! Crazy.

Friday 28 Jan:

Another busy day, woke up around 11, and hurried to do a video shoot for a possible regular gig. Finished that, I went to teach a student from 2 to 3pm. Then I hurried to Alexis to do our soundcheck. And myself, AJ, and Justin were just hanging around KL, and killed time until our show at 10:30pm

Turnout for our show at Alexis was awesome! A lot of people... including our japanese fans/friends. Even some good friends of mine came for the show, Kay Ti, Bala, Yew Chen, and then some. We played tunes like Yellowjackets' Freedomland, New Rochelle, Kenny Garrett's Happy People, Song For DiFang, our re-arrangement Mercy Mercy Mercy, and a special one... Justin wrote a song called Consequently! Our first band original! The gig went really well.. not bad for a 4-month hiatus. We had a good time.

Went back home at almost 5 again... ughh.... can forget about running the next morning.

Saturday 29 Jan:

Lazed around all day... practiced a bit.. then went to Alexis.

The crowd this time around... LAGI more people, man! Wah liao! My parents also came this time around. And some other friends as well. This time, we had Noryn to sing a couple of songs like Isn't She Lovely, Don't You Worry About A Thing, This Masquerade (another re-arrangement we did), Jill Scott's It's Love, Alicia Keys' If I Ain't Got You, and she guest-sang on Happy People as well. That song, Happy People, seems much more interesting now with the vocals.. we did some interesting stuff like trade solos and things like that. This time, we did a long second set, and I almost didn't realise it until we actually re-counted the songs we did...10 songs!! My... it seemed so short! But I know I had fun... hahaha..

Went back late/early again.. almost 5am... too much mamak. Ugh.. definitely forget about running again.

Today 30 Jan:

Lazed around whole day again.. wanted to run in the evening, but it rained. Ended up napping. Sh!t.. any more of this, and I'm gonna grow fatter again.

Went to my good friend, Kay Ti's house for his surprise birthday party. He didn't expect that we were coming. Hence, a surprise. Got to meet up with our regular Kajang kaki's.. the KKFC!!! It was nice... talk kok and everything else! We don't get to do that much of that nowadays, now that everyone's busy working and stuff.


Will run tomorrow evening at Lake Gardens. I'm gonna start my training. February isn't that busy for me, except for CNY... so I'm gonna train long runs. Forget speed, I'm still too blardy heavy.


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