Sunday, April 17, 2005

Boh Cameronian Arts Awards Party and Heineken Thirst DJ Competition @ Zouk

Friday 15 April:

3:30pm: Taught a student.

5pm: Went to Mid Valley to shop for a pink shirt (yikes!). I was invited to attend the Boh Cameronian Arts Awards pre-award party at Peter Hoe's, and it was themed "Pink Mischief", and invitees had to wear something PINK! Pink is SOOOO not my color, man... I felt darn funny wearing it. My first ever pink collar t-shirt... got it from Giordano, got that and a light blue t-shirt for RM79 (otherwise RM45 per shirt). But you know what was surprising? I bought "M" size! Good news for me... but of course, the Giordano promoters did say that the Giordano line is made a little bigger than other similar boutiques. Won't know when I'll be wearing that pink shirt again.. ahaha.. and I won't bother finding out.

7:30pm: Went for the Boh Cameronian Arts Awards party at Peter Hoe's. Seems Peter Hoe's place is about some interesting concept items, from decorative items to adornments, etc. He designed it himself, I think. You can get a lot of stuff from decorative lights, carpets, candles and candle holders, and more. Located at the 2nd floor of an office building (can't remember) at Jln. H.S. Lee, it was a little difficult to locate. But the space was big enough to accomodate 300 over people for a nice party.

Saturday 16 April:

4pm: Went to do a recording session for Yasin (a local artiste who does production work as well... he wrote and sang that Salsabila Arabic tune.. which you probably wouldn't know unless you listen to local Malay radio). It was a nice club-dance like kind of groove, with some horn section lines. Recorded to solo parts, as well as the horn parts. Interesting.

5:50pm: Went to collect the bibs for the Larian Cops at the Police Contingent HQ at Jln Hang Tuah. Ironic, I registered on the last day, and collected the bibs and tees on the last day at the last hour. As I found out on race day, you could register on race day itself... sheesh.

6:30pm: Went to Zouk for sound check.. then went to KLCC to have my hair cut! I had only trimmed my hair less than 3 weeks ago. But it was just an adjustment trim, where I had intended to let my hair grow longer. But until yesterday, I couldn't take it, because it was hard to "control" how my hair looked. Tried styling it many ways, but couldn't come up with a nice style, because it was neither long nor short. I don't have the patience at the moment to let my hair grow. Maybe when I go overseas to study, I might do that.

10:30pm: Met my old friend from college, Henry. Caught up with him, and later on, I went on standby for my performance at Zouk. DJ Andrew started 15 minutes later, and I joined him after 15 minutes. I then waited for two hours for the competition to finish, and came back on stage to play for another 15 minutes.

1:45am: Balik rumah (went home!), and prepped my clothes and two bottles of Accelerade for the race. Slept at almost 3am.

Next up: Larian Mesra Rakan Cop race report.... stay tuned.

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