Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Secretary's Week and KLCC 8-lapper again..

Woke up super early... well, almost super early la. Went to Legend Hotel in KL to do the Secretary's Week gig with Ning Baizura. Easy gig.. but this gig a bit.. sedated la. Last year's gigs were a bit more happening. No horn section, just me, this time around. We did a couple of original songs, and English covers.

Went to KLCC park in the evening with a mind to do an 8-lapper. Got there at about 6pm. Saw Jamie and Li Sar already running. Was stretching a bit, and Mr. Kenneth "KNN PM20" arrived too. While running, also saw Rohaizad, Newton, then Justin, and later Ronnie as well.

I decided to take it easy to run this 10.4K, because I wanted to build my endurance base and try to run within the HRmax limit of 80 - 82%. But I found it a bit difficult on the later part of the run, due to the undulating surface of the KLCC track.

Distance: 10.4km (8-laps or 1.3km per lap)
Time: 1:21:13

1 - 9:50
2- 10:09
3 - 10:19
4 - 9:47
5 - 10:03
6 - 10:15
7 - 10:16
8 - 10:30

At the 6th lap, most of the guys already finish their laps.. they run dem fast... and they're just hanging around...

At the 7th lap, some of them already baliked.... thought they could wait for me..

At the last lap.. all balik already... *sniff sniff* left me alone... HAhahaha.. oh well, I AM really slow. AHahha...

Anyway, I think I felt good for most part of the run. The last two laps, it's definitely a little more labored, but I try to relax as much as possible, and run comfortably. Feel so good.....

That's all for today..

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