Thursday, June 16, 2005

Gym and insoles..

Guess what? I finally went to the gym (there's a Fitness First at Cheras Leisure Mall.. yay!) on Tuesday, after such a long time not going there (and I mean loooonng time!). Talk about an expensive bathing place. Sheesh. Now my muscles hurt a bit, as expected. I'm trying to go there at least twice a week lah, do some weight training or something. Make use of the hundred over ringgit I'm paying aimlessly every month.

And yesterday Wednesday evening, I was geared up to run at KLCC. Went there with my NB 766s, and a pair of new Foot Solutions insoles (custom-made to my flat overpronating feet). Started running, and towards the second laps, my feet felt like there were being scratched at real bad. And when I inspected the insoles in the shoes, I found that there was a gap between the wall of the shoe and my insoles. I think the insoles were slightly smaller than the shoe room area. So the gap sort of ate at my midfoot area near the arch. And it caused a slight blister, and after 3 rounds, I gave up running. I didn't want to risk further aggravation to my feet, I've got a 10K race next week! Looks like I'll be running with the normal insoles.

The new insoles, are quite comfortable for walking. But I think it may be rather tough still for running. so I'll let it break in for a while. Since I'm flatfooted, the insoles were custom made to push up the arch, and give it support.

Prepping for Subang Jaya 10k...

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GLS2006 said...

Have you heard of ShockBlockers insoles... they are flat, and very comfortable. I bought 2 pairs of them a couple of months ago on Ebay @ $15... it was one of my best investments... I have a pair on my running shoes and another pair on my work shoes.
Here's the link to the website where I bought them:

Good luck with your training.