Friday, June 10, 2005

Subang Jaya 10K...

Finally, for those who've been following my terrible lack of running career.. hahaha...

I had just registered for the Subang Jaya 10K run which will take place on the 26th June. A couple of friends will also be joining, including my teacher Greg Lyons and wife (yay!). Hopefully they'll actually run the race this time around (they couldn't do about one or two races I registered for them).

I went for a run this morning, for about slightly over an hour at Lake Gardens. I've got a question for you experienced runners out there: Why is that after a week or so recovering from a race, the moment you start training again, it feels like you're starting from absolute scratch???? During the 15K race last two weeks, I felt really good running. Today, when I was training, I seem to run out of stamina much quickly than before. Did a run on Monday evening, and only did about 4.5K. One possibility I could think of, is that I've just noticed my leg turnover has increased by about slightly over 5 steps. Last time I counted my leg turnover to be around 75 - 80 rpm, but today I counted maximum 84 rpm. That was sort of the average pace I was going at. Which is kind of wierd for me. I tried slowing down to recover a bit, especially going up the Carcosa hill, but that pace seems to just re-adjust by itself, and my cardio-vascular system is adjusting to the increased turnover? Sounds a bit over-the-top? I dunno... you tell me.

I remembered that when I started with this Chi-Running thing, my heart rate always went about 85% of max heart rate (MHR). But it did help my speed a bit. Maybe this is just another phase? Can't be what... it's not like i've really trained religiously to reach a slightly higher level?

I only hope it's temporary. I hope it's just a phase out of recovery-mode from the last race. I don't want to make my running development counter-productive.

Looks like I'll be training a lot more for the Subang Jaya 10K, or should I make it a part-of-training race, for Desaru, maybe? I think I'll make Desaru my yearly important race. After all, a lot of memories from my first 21K at Desaru last year!

Anyway, for those who are joining Subang Jaya 10K... see you there!!! Good luck.

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