Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I had just finished watching Yasmin Ahmad's Sepet (on original VCD of course).

I'm not a big fan of local movies, considering all that crap they serve on TV and the cinemas these days. But I have to say... the movie was awesome. And I'm definitely proud to say, it's Malaysian, too. The story is beautiful... tragic at the end, but beautiful. And kudos to the actors in the movie, Ng Choo Seong, Sharifah Amani, Ida Nerina, the inimitable Harith Iskandar, and Adibah Noor, and others.

It's a story about a Chinese boy who falls in love a with a Malay girl, set in the laidback town of Ipoh.

All I can say is, go buy a copy of Sepet and watch it. It's a beautfiul movie.

Kudos to Yasmin Ahmad for such wonderful work.

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