Wednesday, June 14, 2006

OOHH MYY GAAWDD... World Cup Fever! (say that in a typical Chinese in US slang ala Russell Peters)

I can't believe I spent the whole day AND night out yesterday...

Went to my piano player, Justin's, place (with Eddie) to meet for lunch and some music. We hung out, makan-ed, checked out some music DVDs, listened to some stuff and talked about some music. Something I bet not a lot of musicians (or at least the young'uns.. not to say I'm that old, mind you) do these days. But anyway, it was good to hang out like that once a while, enjoy something we have a mutual interest for...

Later, we waited for Eddie while he was doing a trumpet recording for Reshmonu's new album, and we headed off to the mamak joint near Eddie's place for dinner and World Cup! It was the SOUTH KOREA v TOGA TOGO match.. a very good one, with Korea beating Toga Togo 2-1. Thanks for the corrections, Tank!

Then it was meeting John Thomas at Centerpoint for the second match (after we sent Justin home)... FRANCE v SWITZERLAND. OH MY GAWD, that was a bloody awful game to watch. Our maggi goreng was obviously more interesting than that stupid game! No one scored, and France played like sissies. Eshhh.. to paraphrase George Michael in his WHAM! days.. wake me up, before you goal, goal...

And of course... the main match to watch for the night.. BRAZIL v CROATIA! Now THAT game was a delight to watch from kick-off! Everyone played like there was no tomorrow, and both teams gave a super good fight, with Kaka (from Brazil) only scoring their single (but winning) goal, of 1-0. Good game.. good game..

And there I was driving home with my eyes half open.. oh boy..

Oh by the way, did I mention I only reached home a quarter to six in the morning???

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