Monday, June 26, 2006

World Cup feverrrr... uurgghh...

Man, this World Cup is really taking a toll on me. I wonder how many people take leave, MC, whatever, from work to try to survive watching the games, that last until 5am!! Although I didn't catch all the games, but trying to stay up so late to watch whatever games I watched is already affecting me. Feels like my entire sphere of living has screwed upside down!

I'm just gonna skip some of the games to sleep tonight.. even blogging seems like dragging a 2-tonne truck..

I have nothing to write.. head so empty..bugger!

Need sleep!


PS: I hope Brasil, Argentina will make it to the finals! Germany would be a good bet too.... whatdya think???


Just watched Fahrenheit 9/11 on HBO by Michael Moore... talked about Bush's campaign over Iraq, post 9/11, and how manipulated the American citizens into taking control of Iraq, What an inciteful movie, but despite Michael's humorous outtake of the situation, he also highlighted the pain of those who have suffered because of Bush's action. And Michael filmed their pain in plain sight.. no acting, and no gimmick. I pity them. Suffering because of their President's lust for power and money.

Another update:

This is what happens when you blog when your head is stuffed... check out for a review by writer Zalina Lee, of the Top Room, and two of the acts she's seen, John Thomas and Friends, and our own KL Hardbop Quintet.

Thanks Zalina for the great review! Thanks for dropping by and checking out the place!

Read the full article here.