Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Got my RS200!

My Polar RS200 heart rate monitor (HRM) just came in the mail today! Or rather, I came to the delivery man and got it.

Funny story.

They tried to deliver it to my house on Friday, but no one picked up. I was probably still asleep then, and the doorbell probably does not work. I was expecting them to call me, but they did not. Anyway, I called UPS to have them deliver on Monday (today). When I woke up, I expected them to call me again, but they did not. So I went out for my run, and I found the same sticker notice, saying that they tried to deliver the second time! They should really learn to call. The notice stated that they'll try to deliver again tomorrow (Tues).

Anyway, I decided to go for my run. Managed to do 5km from my house, to 37th Ave to 82nd St. Ran north on 82nd St till I reached Astoria Blvd, and then turned right to head back to 94th St and Junction Blvd before turning back to 37th St to my place. It was a nice run, and the weather was slightly cold at first, but I warmed up easily enough after about 10 minutes into the run.

About a few minutes after I started my run, I saw the UPS truck. So I'd thought I'd wait for him and see if the delivery guy was around, but I think he parked and delivered several packages on foot. So I continued my run. But when I finished my run, I saw the truck again! This time he was parked nearer to my place. So I waited a little for him again while cooling down, and the delivery guy, a Afro-American dude, came back. I just said hi and asked him if he had my package. After checking my student ID (somehow I had an instinct that I should bring it along) he passed my package. He asked me, "you been lookin' for me long?". "I went for my run but I saw your truck (but tried my luck again)", I replied. "Yeah, man.. nice job!" he said with a smile. What luck.. haha.

Anyway, here's a pic of it:

Was playing with it when I came back from my run.. and boy, it's definitely much better than my previous watch! I can't wait to get the footpod, then I can really measure distance, speed, pace, etc. This little computer is so much more interesting to play with.. can't wait to use it for my next run!



Violinuts said...

i think you like machines...mmm... machines... who do u go to when you're physically desperate? MACHINES!! who does a machine would go for when they want something organic? JULIAN!!

Carboman said...

looks great!