Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Workout tracker

I've just added a Workout Tracker from Buckeye Outdoors Training site. You can see it on the right sidebar, so you can follow my running workouts, as I enter them.

Anyway, the Polar RS200 is a cool heart rate monitor, to say the least. I'm having quite a bit of fun with it, and it has many features previously unavailable from my previous S120, and also managed to get it cheaper too, by chance. I'll use it a little while more and I'll probably write a review about it sometime.

Will wait for a little while before I can get the S1 Footpod. That addition is able to sync with my watch and it can keep track of distance and pace of the run. Not that cheap either, it's probably the same price as my watch, or more. Just checked in Malaysia, the prices aren't that much cheaper too. So I will probably get the Footpod here sometime later.


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