Friday, March 07, 2008


Check this out y'all.. this is an article from the Star Online I just read:

Vote for a voice in the Government, says Abdullah

PENANG: Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi reminded the Chinese community that if they gave the DAP their votes, they will end up not having any representation in the Government.

“You have to decide if you want a louder voice in Parliament or representation in the Cabinet where they can be more effective in representing all communities,” the Barisan Nasional chairman said.

He said if the Chinese did not have representation in the Cabinet, their requests would not be heard.

However, Abdullah said the Barisan wanted the Chinese community to be part of the Government.

“We do not want to have a government that does not have representation of all ethnic groups in the Cabinet. We want to be the best and I want to do the best for the rakyat,” he said at a press conference after opening the RM110mil project to upgrade Penang Hospital's heart and surgical unit yesterday.

Abdullah reminded Penangites of the situation after the 1990 general election when the MCA was “paralysed.”

“When the MCA lost its voice, the people felt it. I hope they will think very carefully. This is important in the interest of all races,” he added.

On PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Abdullah said the former deputy prime minister had changed a lot.

“When he was with the Government, he hit out at the opposition. Now that he is out, he is attacking the Government,” he said.

Abdullah expressed disappointment that Anwar aired Malaysia’s domestic issues to the media in Singapore.

On fuel prices, Abdullah said the Government had taken measures to keep the prices reasonable.

“We are monitoring oil prices in the global market.

“We are taking measures because we do not want the rakyat to be burdened by escalating fuel prices,” he said, adding that the Government was heavily subsiding oil prices to reduce the people’s burden.

Abdullah also said hospital fees were kept low and the Government was monitoring the price of essential goods to ensure they were affordable.

He said there were indications that Barisan would retain Penang and recapture Kelantan,

“Feedback from the ground shows that the people want the Barisan to win,” he added.

Tell me something.. is it me, or is that an outright threat? So, is the government implying, if you're not in BN you won't be heard by the Government at all? Does that sound like democracy to you? Doesn't everyone have an equal right to say or to be heard, opposition or not? Your words contradict your policies, and your supposedly "noble" goals for your people. Even so, what makes you think the Chinese people (or any other ethnic groups for that matter) will be heard, no matter how well represented? What is important to the "government" is that you got more moolah than you need in the pocket at the expense of the people. Sounds to me that's what is implied, don't you think?

What a load of crap!

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