Monday, January 10, 2005

Ning Baizura Live @ Planet Hollywood Sunday NIte 2005!

It's the opening show in Planet Hollywood for the year 2005! I played saxophone for the show, and it was a blast. Crowd was great.. full house! She sang great today. She looks hot, as always!!! We played a combination of new songs (from her new album), and old, as well as cover tunes. We had Hazami and Aishah (from Aishah and The Boys.. remember them????) guest on a song each! Aishah... man, she's got lotsa soul, still.. go Aishah!

The rehearsals however weren't so great. I think I can say unabashedly, until the last day of the rehearsals (FOUR rehearsals, a bit too much, really), a lot of us didn't really get the tunes in, or rather, familiarise ourselves thoroughly with it. Lotsa technical problems. But oddly enough, most of it fell into place by the time we did the soundcheck at 3pm this afternoon. At least we pretty much nailed it almost perfect this time around. I think, with any more rehearsals than the 4 we already did.. would've been absolute overkill! Heh, that's the problem with some of us musicians who play a lot of jazz.. we don't particularly fancy rehearsals. We accept the value of having them, but never more than 2 rehearsals the max! We'd get really bored, pissed off, and peeved... impatient lot we are!

But I did something I'm a little ashamed of, especially yesterday during the last rehearsal. I was at a little irritable mood that day, dunno why. I think it's a combination of things. It had been a busy, long, week for me.. with rehearsals for both Reshmonu and Ning (and most of them on the same day, too!). And I wasn't running as much as I used to as well.. so there's some pent-up tension (which usually drifts out after a good run!) along the way. I sorta dissed the musical director (MD), during the rehearsal... although it was also partially sparked by his manner of conducting the rehearsals (he's a bit of a disorganised bloke). Gave him a sarcastic remark in response to something he asked me to play (a new song I've not heard of, and no charts for me). But I realised after that, it was quite uncalled for. Although I think at some times, he deserves it, but I'm not in the position to do that to him.

So Alywin, if you actually do stumble along this blog and read this... My sincere apologies, man! I'm not particularly fond of certain ways you do things, especially for the rehearsals, but I definitely should not have been rude!

Well, after that rehearsal, I went of a quick run of one round around Lake Gardens, I felt good after that. And even went to play a gig at Rossini's, Ritz Carlton after that! Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi was there too.. it was his daughter's birthday or something. Got to meet him as well, up close. Cool...

Oh well, that's the end of my first busy week of 2005!

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