Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Weekend update..

Just a little weekend update. These are times where trying to update a blog is a bit difficult. And I'm actually quite thankful for that... it means I am WORKING! And in my case, working is good for me, which really means rehearsals for performances and the performances itself. Yes, I love my work... music. I'm one of the few lucky blokes who are lucky enough to be doing a job I love. But anyway, enough of myself.. and some more on myself...

Friday and Saturday - 21 and 22 January:

Did the first night for the Farid Ali and Friends show at Alexis Ampang. We did a soundcheck in afternoon, and I hung around with Farid for a couple of hours. It's quite an experience hanging out with some of the senior musicians in town, and especially one who's amiable as Farid. As a young, supposedly up-and-coming musician, I definitely look forward to times like this, because these are the times you get a lot of knowledge and advice from them, on-stage AND off-stage.

The show on the first night was a hit! There was quite a lot of people at Alexis that night. The band setup was fairly small, almost acoustic: just Farid on guitar and gambus (middle eastern traditional lute), myself on saxes and flute, AJ on bass, and Md. Noor on various percussions (from tabla, cajon box, and more). We played a lot of Farid's songs from his new album, Turning Point, Gambus Goes Jazz. It isn't really out in the Malaysian music stores yet. He launched the album in Singapore late last year, and he'll be launching it officially this early March at Avanti's Restaurant, Sunway. If you get his album and take a listen, you can see that his songs are written with meaningful messages, and it was apparent in songs like We're All The Same, Love You More, Ayah dan Ibu (Father and Mother), and Peace and Friendship. Do get it when it comes out in March.

The second show was even better! There were more people that night! It was quite a blast. And the fact that the music was so nice made it quite a boost for me too. Eric Li joined us on piano, and Md. Noor played a bit of drums too, so the band sounded a little fuller than the first night. One thing's for sure, for a weekend of playing good music, it sure was tiring.

So, I missed the PACM Peer Program run the Sunday morning.. drats. I only got home by the time they started! AHahaha...

Sunday - 23 Jan

Woke up pretty late and tired still. But I was playing for Ning Baizura at Planet Hollywood that night. In fact, I was already not in the mood to play. So I sort of went in there with only 50% of energy, and I tried to max it 100% as well.

I went home straight into bed after the show.

Monday - 24 Jan

I spent the whole day transcribing some tunes for my band. We're backing Sean Ghazi and Izlyn Ramli for a show we're doing early next month. And we rehearsed a bit that night as well. Tired.


Still feel a little bummed out. Wanted to practice, but I was thinking: just take a break only la. Going out to run after this. Haven't ran since Friday.. drats.

I'm going to Langkawi tomorrow to do a function with Ning again. Probably some "jazz" stuff. Gonna just wing it.. was supposed to rehearse with them yesterday afternoon (at short notice, no doubt), but I couldn't make it.


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