Friday, January 07, 2005

Reshmonu - Monumental, The Journey Continues..

I'm just back from a gig at Passion @ Poppy Garden, Jln P. Ramlee. Me and my friends, Chow Ming and Eddie are part of the horn section that played for Reshmonu's new album launch. It's called Monumental, The Journey Continues. It's basically an extended album from his first album, Monumental. It's got the songs from the previous edition, and has extra 4 new tracks, such as Hey Wally and Walk Away (Jazz Reprise). You can check it out at his website.

The gig was pretty fun. I had the opportunity to work with some of KL's best sessionists, and also the opportunity to lead the horn section this time around. I learnt, or rather, get to work out new things, such as having to transcribe tunes and horn parts for the horn section.

Nice gig... loads of fun! Great band.. great music!

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