Thursday, December 01, 2005

The month that was November..

Again, I apologise for the lack of current updates. It definitely has been a busy couple of weeks, especially the one that just passed. I had rehearsals for two gigs with David Gomes on Saturday and Sunday, which started end of the third week of November (where we got that week off from Southbridge), and also beginning of last week (including the Hardbop gig rehearsals!). And then me and David travelled to Singapore on Wednesday, played Wednesday and Thursday (that's my feature day), and came back to KL the following Friday early morning bus. We got back and I headed straight for Sunway, to do the soundcheck for my Hardbop Quintet gig at Avanti's.

The gig went okay, wasn't that fantastic, but we had fun nonetheless.

The next day, Saturday, we then played a HSBC function - "Save The Tigers" campaign - at Sheraton Imperial Hotel, KL. It was quite a fun gig, with the David Gomes Ensemble (with three horns, namely me on alto, Shazee on tenor, and Eddie on trumpets), with guest vocalist Mia Palencia. We did some tunes from her Swinging Down To Business repertoire, and then some. Edwin Sumun was MC, and Junji Delfino and Corrinne did a skit based on the endangered tigers. That gig went very well, and the band was SWINGING!!!!!!! Woo hoo.. I hope to be able to play more big band gigs with David.

Sunday's gig was just David's quartet, and the function was the final night for Danaharta. It was held at the KL Hilton Sentral. The gig was okay, not as happening as the HSBC one. But we got rooms at Hilton, with flat screen TV.. so that was cool!

This week.. is all rehearsals. We're preparing for Penang Jazz Festival!


Singapore Marathon 2005

The Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon will take place on the 4th December this weekend. A lot of my running friends, Pacesetters, Pacemakers, and more will be at this awesome event. I won't be, as I'll be in Penang. But I'll be there in spirit with you guys.. I hope you guys break some PRs there!





I got my MyKad a couple of days ago! And after having it read in the MyKad reader, I also found out that they updated my driving license into it as well! AHahha.. cool! This means I don't have to go all da way to the JPJ to do my license again! Yee haa... kill two birds with one stone.

But man, I look like a perv on the image they took lah.. oh wait, I think I am lah.. hahahah..

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